Friday, May 25, 2012

 Front cover of closed book...
 Inside, first two pages - you can put tags or photos or little notes in the little pockets. I wrote various verses about friendship on the background papers.
 The road to a friends house is never long.
 Friendship isn't a BIG's a million little things...her favorite color is purple, so I tried to include some in the color scheme of things!

My favorite page is the chocolate chip cookie...friends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life!
And last, but not least( for now) - this little "meander" book was made from one double sided sheet of 12x12 paper. Although the paper is not CTMH, I thought it turned out really cute. We made these at our last Workshop Wednesday and they were a definite hit. This is one I made for my hairdresser since she had to cancel her party for tomorrow (holiday!) and reschedule and she felt so badly about having to do that! I wanted her to know that her friendship means a lot to this book is entitled "Friendship..."

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