Thursday, April 4, 2013

These photos are from a project that I did quite awhile ago, but have never posted, and since I'm including them in my selections I'm showing tomorrow evening, I thought I'd include them here in this final post of today. These are from an "altered" memory book I made when my Dad passed away in 2005. Nothing special...lots of little nooks and crannies and windows and such, but it was fun to make and even more fun to look at now. Need to make one for Mom sometime, too. And have one in the works for each of my brothers as well...ongoing projects never end! Happy rainy, Thursday!

Again, getting a little crafty with a few more projects to show at the ward "Talent Show" tomorrow evening...trying to show that I know how to do a lot of things, not just playing the organ or piano! : )

Another card I recently made....
The Santos family has always had a special place in my heart. Brandy took piano lessons from me for years and her little sister, LeeAnn took lessons about a year or so. They stopped taking lessons about a year ago because of transportation and sport conflict issues. I'd given them my little organ when I got my nice console for my birthday. They lost their dad, Gonzalo, in a tragic accident a couple weeks ago. His truck slid out of control on an icy road on his way to work and he was killed (37 years old). I played piano for his services this past Monday. I'm going to go visit them tomorrow morning. Yolanda, their mom, is a sweetheart, too. I love this little family and I pray that God will watch over them and protect them and give them peace. I can't imagine what they are feeling right now...probably numb.
Another card I recently made as a "thank you" for Linda and Andy - our friends from the Grays Harbor Banjo Band. We were having an ice cream social a few weeks ago and invited the GH Banjo Band members to come by for ice cream and a sing-along.
Well...Beverly, Linda and Andy were the only GHBB members that came, but we had a good time anyway! Andy had been working on a plumbing problem at their house all day...and they still got all cleaned up and came to play with us! Andy played the piano and the soprano sax and Linda and Beverly played banjos, Jim played his electric guitar instead of the 12-string he plays in the GHBB and they were also joined by guitarists Dawn and Glen. All in all we had a
lot of fun (and ate a lot of ice cream sundaes, rootbeer floats, cake, banana splits and pie.

I also couldn't remember if I'd posted photos of the little "Artiste" strawberry basket (with my variation on making the berries and stems) so thought I would post that here, too.

As you can see....I had some help with the photography...Icabod was watching a bird out the window and nearly fell off the chair!

Well, amazing...more than one post in recent times! Hope nobody faints from the shock!

This is my most recent project...a family tree using some of the Close to My Heart stamps and inks as well as some hand calligraphy and a few other techniques.

I wanted to finish this up to show at the "Talent Show" on Friday night in our ward.

Monday, April 1, 2013

And just so I don't forget to tell you...this photo that you're looking at is the awesome, amazing, absolutely fantastic kit that you will receive if you sign up to be a consultant with Close to My Heart during the month of April. In addition to receiving this kit, you will also receive ALL FOUR of the next stamps of the month (April, May, June and July). In all, it's about a $250 value for only $49.

So, whether you want to just feed your hobby,  sell supplies and do workshops as a part-time or full-time adventure, I hope you will take a moment and sign up to be a member of my team, the Bloomin' Crafty Divas! 

If you do, then I will also have an additional gift or two for you as well.

Hope you'll join me soon.
One last card posting today...and Easter Card created using the CTMH "Be Still and Know that I am God" stamp and Artiste and Art Philosophy cartridges from Cricut.

Love making these flowers! (and there are so many to choose from, too!)

I hope you all had a blessed Easter. We had a wonderful, sunshiny day (for a change) and it really felt like spring.

 So, as much as I enjoy making cards, it seems like there has been a need to make a lot of "sympathy" cards of late.

These are just a few...I just played piano for the service of a friend today. Just a brief reminder of how fragile this life may be. We don't know when our time will come, but we need to be prepared. We need to let those we love know it. We need to be there for those in need and we need to be a lot more kind and a lot more gentle than we usually tend to be.

Thank you, my family and friends, for being a part of my life. You are appreciated more than you'll ever know.

On the other hand, I met an old friend today...and that was a lot of fun. Lots of good memories...
A "surprise" card for Jeanette, owner of Close to My Heart...all of the consultants got together (if they wanted to) and made a card for her for her birthday...not a card directly FOR her, but a card she would have on hand to send when she needs to send a card! This was my contribution.

I realize that my blog posts are sometimes few and far between. I have to tell you it's not that I just sit around and do nothing! Life has a way of getting in the way at times. But I will try and catch up with a few photos today of what's been going on the past few weeks.

This is (of course!) a pie for Pi day!