Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another card I recently made as a "thank you" for Linda and Andy - our friends from the Grays Harbor Banjo Band. We were having an ice cream social a few weeks ago and invited the GH Banjo Band members to come by for ice cream and a sing-along.
Well...Beverly, Linda and Andy were the only GHBB members that came, but we had a good time anyway! Andy had been working on a plumbing problem at their house all day...and they still got all cleaned up and came to play with us! Andy played the piano and the soprano sax and Linda and Beverly played banjos, Jim played his electric guitar instead of the 12-string he plays in the GHBB and they were also joined by guitarists Dawn and Glen. All in all we had a
lot of fun (and ate a lot of ice cream sundaes, rootbeer floats, cake, banana splits and pie.

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