Monday, April 2, 2012

Business Card Samples

Well, as promised...days ago...I finally got some sample business cards scanned and added to my blog! I thought that I'd use the same basic set-up for all of my cards, but will change the stamps and colors, perhaps add a little from "Art Philosophy" every now and then...we shall see. What do you think? (These have a watermark on them, but the 'real' ones don't!) More posts to come shortly.


  1. I like these! No idea how to do that, lol...

  2. I worked in the printing industry over 35 years as a graphic designer, so I just set up a basic business card (have a template that works with my HP LaserJet) in InDesign and then added some, fun, fun!

  3. If anyone needs business cards, I'd be glad to set up a template for you that could be saved as a pdf and e-mailed to you...for a very reasonable price...maybe trade-out paper/supplies for graphics? I don't know. Let me know if you're interested.