Monday, April 9, 2012

Oooooh...I am soooo bad...HAPPY EASTER everyone! Yesterday was a beautiful day, but full to the brim! After a wonderful Easter service (sang in the choir) and teaching the 5/6 year old class in Primary, we came home to a wonderful smell! The pork roast I'd left cooking in the crock pot was ready and basically all I had to do was heat up the rolls I'd made Saturday evening and make the homemade mashed potatoes. We had late lunch for 7...then an egg hunt for the little kids. After they went home it was dozing off for hubby and me! Oh, yummy lunch though...youngest daughter brought a cool pasta salad and lime jello...and deviled eggs. Oh, yum! Took lots of pictures so I'm working on an Easter page that I hope to post soon. Working today on organizing some stuff and hopefully will make at least one sample today....maybe.

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